hello there.

I’m Marie. I know, surprise! I don't actually go by “Marie", close family and friends call me "Meemo or Meem".  I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Easton, Pennsylvania. I've been married to my husband for thirteen years, together for 16. We have two amazing kids. Samantha is ten, and Nicholas is nine. We live in Easton, PA. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. Prime lens girl, 100%. I'm a coffee junkie,  and I love love love hallmark movies. Nothing brings me more joy than capturing the seemingly mundane moments of our ordinary life.  Years from now I want to remember the way we lived our life, not the way we wanted others to perceive it.  The intense spirit my daughter has, the way my son wakes up with the same expression and crazy hair after nap, the giggles and tears my children share together.  These are the raw moments that I will desperately want to hold onto when my children are grown and gone.

This is my story. What’s yours?